Commentaires Américains sur les Crêpes de Madame Cyrssa
My wife and I had a wonderful week on rue Cler (at Hotel Leveque), despite the closure of half the shops for August holidays. Our favorite discovery was the Crepes Lady (sorry, didn't get her name), whose cart has now (since April) moved to the Boucherie Chevaline that used to house Julie's Tartes. It's now Ulysse en Gaule, a tiny Greek restaurant. If the Greek food is as great as the crepes, this is a find! But we didn't get past the sidewalk tables and the fantastic crepes. We had other good crepes in Paris and Chartres, but they didn't come close to the Crepes Lady's!
Jack & Lydia Foley - Rockville, MD USA Sun 11/07/2004

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